Unglory Hole


Straight guys think they’re getting a blowjob from a girl but its really a gay guy at Unglory Hole, a unique pornsite I think you might like. It works like this: a film crew follows a straight guy into an adult video arcade and talks him into getting a blowjob from a woman via a glory hole in one of the private booths. All they ask is that they’re allowed to film the guy’s reaction. But once inside the booth a gay guy takes the woman’s place to perform the cocksucking. The straight guy thinks the woman is doing the work so for us the viewer the fun is in knowing the dude is getting sucked off by a guy without his knowledge. And that my friends is what makes it an Unglory Hole. Personally I could take or leave this premise but what I do like about the site are the straight men who are mostly very hot. Unfortunately about the only part of their bodies we see are the cock and maybe the ass. I’d love to see some of these guys totally nude. Anyhow, Unglory Hole is a unique niche pornsite I enjoy wanking off to every now and then. It’s certainly different than most of the porn I see!

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