Sausage Party


Take a party with a bunch of gay guys and throw in a naked male stripper for entertainment, then add a video camera and the result is Sausage Party, a unique website that has to be seen to be believed. The strippers not only get naked but they allow some of the party goers to suck on their dicks! Take that, Chippendales! Each scene usually includes at least three male strippers getting blowjobs and spraying cum on a lucky dudes face. The parties are usually small gatherings with a dozen or so men but a few are huge affairs held in ballrooms and nightclubs with a substantial crowd. Things get even crazier when some of the party goers decide to strip off their own clothes, turning the event into a group orgy. Although it looks like the site may no longer be updating I still think this is one wild website that you should check out! (And no, it has nothing to do with that obscure Seth Rogan movie from 2016!)

Visit Sausage Party here!