Randy Blue

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Randy Blue was not the first gay porn website but they have quickly grown to be one of the best. If you can’t find a guy here who gives you a boner, you better check for a pulse. The men on the site are in the 18 to 30 age range and represent almost all races, sizes and types… as long as that type is muscular and hot. The ratio of solo jack-off videos to full hardcore gay sex scenes is about half and half. The video quality is excellent, especially since Randy has been filming in high definition for quite some time. And the videos usually don’t contain any fluff… they get right into the action within seconds. This means you also won’t get any interviews or banter from the models. One exception is in the live webcam shows, where the models answer questions from fans so you get to know them really well. Some of these lengthy shows are recorded and archived for later viewing and I must admit that I enjoy many of these archived live shows better than the full sex scenes because it’s interesting to hear the guys talk about their life and background.

Randy Blue has one of the best navigation interfaces of any gay porn website I‘ve ever seen. You can find your favorite models several ways, by name, niche or date. And once you’re on the models page you’ll be given several options for watching the video, including downloading to your hard drive or streaming. There’s even a short preview you can play in case you’re not quite sure if you want to watch the entire video. The streaming video quality is worth noting because it’s actually good enough so that you don’t really need to download a video to your hard drive. You can also jump around to different parts of the streaming video and Randy Blue claims that the streaming is “untraceable” so no one will ever know you watched it. And if you like still photos you’ll be pleased to know that both medium and hi-res pics are available for download or to watch as a slide show. And recently the site has posted some of their older videos online to watch free of charge. If you enjoy these I highly recommend becoming a subscriber so you see the latest scenes.

If you’ve never visited Randy Blue you don’t know what you’re missing. Or if it’s been awhile since you were a member, you should check it out again. Randy Blue is easily one of the best places on the net to see hot naked men.

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