Men Over 30


As I get older I tend to like Men Over 30 more and more (both the website and actual men over 30!). I’ll always have a soft spot (or I guess that would be a hard spot… in my pants) for young guys… I mean, what gay man doesn’t? But it’s fun to watch mature men who have been around the block a few times get their shot at porn stardom.

Sexual experience counts for something and the older men here show that they know their way around a cock and ass. It’s also nice to see natural, hairy men and guys who fit the ex-jock “hunk” type. Just one thing to be aware of: if you’re expecting to see men way over 30, like senior citizens, you’ll be disappointed. The age range of these models seems to be 30 to 40-ish so if you’re looking for men close to collecting Social Security this isn’t the place.

Men Over 30 is now one of several gay porn sites you get with a membership to Pride Studios, which you can read more about here. Or if you’re ready to start jerking off to some hot men right now you can use this link to go directly to the Pride Studios sign-up page. Enjoy!