Men In Pain


If a porn site could be both cringe inducing and hot as hell it would have to be Men In Pain. At this high quality female domination (femdom) pornsite all the men are submissive slaves who get physically and sexually abused by dominating women. Cock and balls are yanked, bitten, slapped and pulled without mercy to the sounds of screaming men and laughing women. If that revolts you then you can stop reading now and click elsewhere. But if you’re still with me and the above description makes your dick hard then I can also tell you that Men In Pain actually has some hot guys worth looking at. That’s the only reason I’m including it here on Naked Men Links. As I’ve said before I’m always on the lookout for any pornsite that has hot naked guys, even straight sites or extreme fetish sites like this one. To see more follow the below links, but just be prepared for some shocking images that may make you instinctively grab your crotch for protection!

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