Maverick Men

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Imagine a realty show where two horny guys pick up other horny guys for gay sex, then film it all for our pleasure. Imagine no more because Maverick Men is here! This is another entry in the growing amateur porn niche where the availability of cheap video cameras makes it easy for anyone to become a gay porn director. The gay couple at Maverick Men started off making videos for some of the tube sites and these became so popular they decided to go “pro” and turn their passion into a business.

The key to whether or not you’ll enjoy gonzo porn sites like this is usually determined by how much you find the directors attractive since they’re in just about every scene. The Maverick Men guys are average everyday dudes, one a little older with salt and pepper hair. If they turn you on then great, if not you’ll spend a lot of your time looking past them at the guys they have sex with, most of which are also average looking but a few hotties slip through. The real draw of sites like this is the sex, as authentic, sweaty and sometimes sleazy as your own sexual exploits. Enthusiastic cocksucking and aggressive fucking is on ample display so for amateur gay porn lovers Maverick Men should be on your list.

By the way, on the off-chance the Maverick Men couple are not your type they also produce another site called Maverick Men Directs where they appear mostly behind the camera, filming hot amateur sex action between guys looking for a quick and easy hook-up. I’ve provided links to both sites below. Enjoy!

Visit Maverick Men here!

Visit Maverick Men Directs here!