Haze Him

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If you’re like me you may have fantasized about fraternity hazing rituals. The idea of athletic young college freshmen stripped naked and forced to do kinky things in exchange for becoming part of a fraternity has always been a hot fantasy of mine. Well now those fantasies have come to life thanks to Haze Him, a clever site that exploits the fact that fraternities almost always need extra money, so they make them an offer that’s hard to refuse: get paid cash for filming hazing rituals… as long as the videos contain lots more nudity, gay sex and humiliation than found in typical hazing rituals.

Watching what some of these supposedly “straight” college guys do in the Haze Him videos can be jaw dropping and you may often find yourself saying “They did what???”. For example, one scene filmed in a college dining hall shows a room full of frat boys eating dinner. At the front of the room are a half dozen pledges who are forced to strip naked, jerk off, suck cock and one even gets fucked in the ass… all in front of the other guys while they’re eating spaghetti! How this was filmed and made it on to the internet is beyond me. The fact that the pledges consented to be filmed is one thing but a whole room full of frat brothers? Amazing.

Now the cynical among you may ask if these are actual college hazing rituals or just a bunch of guys the producers hired to act like a fraternity. I also wondered about this and yes, I did recognize a few well known gay porn performers in some of the scenes, so I guess this means they were staged. And in other scenes my gaydar went off on guys who were allegedly “straight” but seemed to be much better at sucking cock and getting fucked than you’d imagine a straight guy to be. I suspect that in these scenes the fraternity recruited a few gay dudes to play the part of “straight” pledges and do the dirty work of sucking fratboy cock so they could collect the Haze Him cash. Heck, if I was still in college I’d probably pay for the privilege of hooking up with a straight frat dude.

But if you’re hung up on how authentic these videos are you’re missing the point. Haze Him provides a fantasy just like every other gay porn site. Fortunately for us they do a great job at making the scenes look authentic even if they’re not, and that’s all that really matters. One of my favorite scenes that looked very real took place in a barn where one straight pledge was told to suck cock and he refused, running away naked in disgust… just as you would imagine a straight guy to act in real life. Later in the same scene a dude gets a noticeable erection during all the horseplay so another guy is made to blow him. Is it all real? Who cares… its damn hot!

The video quality is surprisingly good for most of the scenes, although if you don’t have a high speed net connection the streaming quality may be on the choppy side. The only other negative I can report is that not every guy gives us a cumshot. On the other hand, the site does offer plenty of photos and screen grabs so that’s a plus.

Haze Him is one of a new batch of “reality porn” sites that are gaining in popularity and I can certainly see why. With a constant stream of fresh young faces you’ve never seen before, doing crazy and often humiliating things, this is a “must-see” site. It’s certainly unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and this is from someone who often feels like I’ve seen it all in the world of gay porn.

Enter Haze Him here!