Fraternity X


This entry in the popular fratboys porn niche has some crazy gay sex action. Fraternity X claims to be run by actual students who created the site to help pay their college bills. You’ll see some pretty hot dudes doing all kinds of crazy sexual things with and to each other in reality TV style videos. The site is similar to Haze Him in that they apparently offer wads of cash to college fraternities willing to film their pledges having gay sex. I like all these fratboy sex sites but Fraternity X comes across as more authentic to me and also more focused on the gay sex. There are no staged hazing rituals here, every video is more like a party with lots of alcohol and nudity that we get to peek in on. For a change of pace, a few of the videos here look like they’re from schools in the United Kingdom. And I might be imagining things but I swear the guys on this site seem to have much stronger erections, so either they’re really into the sex or they’re taking Viagra or something. My one complaint with the site, like most of these amateur porn sites, is the sometimes shaky camera work and poor lighting. It can get frustrating at times and make you wish a pro filmmaker was there shooting the cocksucking and fucking. But the cuteness and muscles of most of the jocks here make up for it so Fraternity X is a site I can recommend you check out.

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