College Dudes

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As you might imagine by the name, the naked jocks found at College Dudes look like they just walked off the campus of your neighborhood university. They fall into the 18 to 24 age range, which puts them at the peek of their sexual maturity, as proven in the many solo jerk off scenes and gay sex duo performances they appear in. Watching these videos will certainly induce massive boners in your shorts and leave you sexually drained, just like the models!

College Dudes actually gave several well know gay pornstars their start in the biz. Guys like Kurt Wild, Bobby Clark and Tommy Defendi (in his first ever porn video!) can be found here, but the bulk of the College Dudes stable is made up of fresh young faces you probably haven’t seen before. The sex scenes can be very intense and its refreshing that most of the models don’t make a big deal about their sexuality. Gay or straight, they have no trouble getting hard and fucking like the cum filled young men they are. One scene I was watching had a guy (Aaron James) riding and fucking his partner (Dillon Woode) like he was on a wild bull trying to tame it. Very hot. Even some of the solo scenes get intense when the guy rams a dildo up his ass.

Now having all these hot guys on a site means nothing if it’s not easy to find them. Fortunately College Dudes has one of the cleanest designs and most user friendly interfaces I’ve seen. Models are shown on the home page in order of popularity or you can sort them by order of appearance. There’s also a handy drop down menu where you can select a model by name and then be taken to their page.

It’s worth noting that if you’re into solo jack-off videos the site seems to have stopped filming those. Over the last few years almost all of the videos are hardcore gay sex scenes between two guys. There are still plenty of solos, you just need to go back into the archives to find them. And trust me… they’re worth it! One of my favorites is Gio Vitale. Just watching his non-sexual interview was enough to make me hard!

So if you’re like me and have an obsession for naked college guys, you’ll be pleased to know there is a website that feeds our craving.