Butt Machine Boys


When robots take over Earth this is how they will punish disobedient men. Or maybe reward them. I’m talking about a machine that relentlessly rams a dildo into a poor dudes ass, giving him a fuck that no man has the endurance to match. This is Butt Machine Boys, a kinky website from the same people who bring us Bound Gods and Men In Pain. The photos above hardly do this site justice. You really need to see actual video of the robotic dildo machine to appreciate (or fear?) its intensity. Men are fucked at a speed and endurance that not even the most energetic porn stud can approach. It’s hard to believe that the helpless bottoms still have an asshole remaining after the mechanical assault of these fucking machines. For a porn site unlike anything you’ve ever seen, check out Butt Machine Boys. Or if you have an insatiable taste for extreme all-male fetish porn, consider subscribing to Kink Men at the below link. It gives you access to six sites where men have the cum forced out of them.


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