Bound Gods


Imagine what it would be like to capture, tie up and take sexual advantage of a built, beefy muscle hunk. That’s the bondage fantasy you get to observe at Bound Gods, one of the more intense and highly erotic fetish sites of its kind. It’s run by Kink Studios in San Francisco, the producer of many high quality BDSM videos featuring women well before anyone ever heard of Fifty Shades of Grey. They are now one of the best producers of all-male fetish porn and one look at their quality explains why.

Most of the men are very muscular although every now an then a thinner cute guy gets thrown into the mix. As for the action, scenes include rope bondage, hot wax, electric cock stimulation (estim), body suspension and almost anything else your kinky mind can imagine. Rest assured that all of the scenes are totally consensual with the models knowing exactly what they’re getting into before hand (or maybe it would be more accurate to say what they’re not getting out of, like ropes, chains and harnesses). You know these slaves are actually enjoying the abuse and humiliation by their hard cocks throbbing in anticipation of what their master will do next. In case you don’t believe it the models are interviewed on camera at the end of the scene to let us know that they’re OK and actually enjoyed the experience.

If you’re really into gay fetish porn I highly recommend a subscription to Kink Men, which includes access to Bound Gods and several other kinky sites that put hunky men in some very compromising positions. See the below link to sign up.

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