Bear Films


This is the place to go for chubs, bears, cubs, otters and very hairy men, all naked and having sweaty sex. A quick look at the model photos from Bear Films should tell you if this is a site you’ll enjoy. Quite frankly some people won’t get aroused by the sight of hairy, often chubby obese men. But for others hair covered backs and plump beer bellies will be instant boner material. In my observations I’ve found it interesting that most bears have some of the cutest, most adorable faces, so I can easily see the appeal of snuggling up to these furry hunks. Another unique characteristic of many bears is that their cocks are often of the “average” or even “bite size” variety. This doesn’t bother me at all but if you’re into monster size dicks you may be disappointed here. Bear Films has been making DVDs for years and most can now be streamed on this website, plus lots of new material. So if you’re into fur covered men you owe it to yourself to become a member of Bear Films today!

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