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I must admit that I have a weakness for a good hard-on… and not just my own. I think few things in life are more beautiful than seeing a man sexually aroused. That’s one reason I’m a big fan of Man Avenue. They do something a little different than all the other gay porn sites that show guys jerking off. At Man Avenue the models are directed to move their hands away from their crotch, showing us their engorged dick in all its beautiful, fully erect glory. We are treated to several shots of huge, throbbing cocks that the makers of Viagra would be proud of. Man Avenue has even created several compilation videos that only show their models walking around and posing with raging hard-ons. For lovers of erections it doesn’t get any better than this!

Of course, a hard-on would not be as arousing if it was not attached to a hot and hunky dude, and Man Avenue delivers here as well. All of the guys are either extremely handsome, built like a bodybuilder or both. The site is based in South Florida and several scenes take the hunks out on a boat off the coast of Miami.

If there was a real Man Avenue somewhere you can bet that I’d be buying a house on it to retire. Until then, the Man Avenue website is a great alternative!

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