With video cameras on almost every cell phone its becoming more and more popular for boyfriends and girlfriends to make their own amateur porn videos. The idea of “ex-bf” and “ex-gf” porn sites fall into one of three types: 1. ) A homemade porn video that was supposed to be private but after a nasty break-up got uploaded to the net as a form of revenge; 2.) The partner purposely made a solo porn video for their partner to masturbate to; Or 3.) The partner purposely filmed their better half masturbating because they wanted to show them off to the world. The pornsite called Ex BF seems to fall into the last two categories, with most of the videos made by guys who set up a video camera to film themselves jerking off. A few appear to be filmed by a girlfriend, and in some cases, a boyfriend! The video quality is surprisingly good for something that is supposed to be “amateur” and a few of the scenes are very erotic. I’m not exactly clear if the site is still updating on a regular basis but check it out and see what you think.

Check out Ex-BF here!