Dick Dorm


In today‚Äôs tight economy its no wonder that college guys sometimes do porn to make extra money. One of my favorite trends over the last few years have been porn sites that entice an entire fraternity or group of college students to send in homemade porn videos for cash. Haze Him and Fraternity X fall into this category and so does Dick Dorm. The premise is pretty much the same at all of these sites: straight college dudes do wild and crazy things that lead to some kind of gay sex act. I’ve wondered before how authentic these videos really are, but then I start watching them and get so turned on I buy into the fantasy completely! Dick Dorm claims to pay $10,000 to college dudes willing to get naked and do gay stuff with each other, and based on their site tour it looks like a lot of guys have taken them up on the offer! Just like the other sites in this genre, a well known porn star pops up occasionally but for the most part all of the guys are fresh faces new to porn. Here’s hoping this trend in amateur gay porn continues!

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